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Addison Street Early Residences (Primary)
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North Hollywood - Valley Village Community Plan Area (Community Plan Area)
Los Angeles City Council District 2 (Council District)


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General Description
The Addison Street Early Residences are a cluster of approximately nine single-story residential buildings located in a single-family residential area between the major thoroughfares of Whitsett and Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Valley Village. The buildings are sited haphazardly across three parcels. Three buildings are visible from Addison Street; two are simple Craftsman buildings with side gable roofs and numerous side and rear additions and the other building is a Traditional Ranch-style house dating to the 1960s. The buildings to the rear of the parcels appear to be wood frame, but are not fully visible from the public right-of-way. The landscaping includes mature fruit trees and dirt paths.

Summary of Significance
The Addison Street Early Residences may be an excellent example of early residential development in the Valley Village area. The earliest date of construction in the public record is 1924, though most of the buildings within the cluster do not have year built data. The residences are located close to the Los Angeles River wash, which flooded in 1938. The Addison Street Early Residences are rare remaining resources that predate the flood. Alterations appear to include the replacement of original doors, windows, and siding. The Addison Street Early Residences are not fully visible from the public right-of-way and more research is needed to complete an evaluation of the buildings.

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Residential Development and Suburbanization, 1850-1980
Early Residential Development, 1880-1930
Early Single-Family Residential Development, 1880-1930
Single-Family Residence
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  • More research needed
  • No CDFs/Associative Features checked
  • Should retain integrity of Location, Feeling, Association and Materials from the period of significance
  • Because of the rarity of the type there may be a greater degree of alterations or fewer extant features
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    No Integrity Aspects checked
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    Significance Statement
    Four parcels with two to four houses, all of which appear to date to the early 20th century (1924 or earlier). Not all of the residences are visible from the public right of way. Aerial suggest this may be a cluster of residences associated with agricultural production in the area, but more research is needed in order to make a determination of eligibility.
    Periods of Significance
    From: 1910-01-01

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