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Azusa Street Revival (Primary)
Azusa Street Revival (Historic)
Apostolic Faith Mission (Historic)
Bonnie Brae House (Alternative)
Pentecostal Historic Site (Alternative)
216 N BONNIE BRAE ST (Alternative)
Important Dates
1896-01-01 (Built Date)
Azusa Street Revival - PHOTO
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Location Information

216 N BONNIE BRAE ST Primary
Location Description
No descriptions recorded
Administrative Areas
Westlake Community Plan Area (Community Plan Area)
Los Angeles City Council District 13 (Council District)

Resource Description

Type: Residential-Single Family, House   Use: Historic     Style: Victorian, Vernacular Cottage, gable roof     Related Features: Wall, Retaining
Type: California OHP Resource Attribute - HP02. Single family property          
Component: Chimney Type: Exterior; Stucco Material: none defined
Component: Cladding Type: Wood clapboards Material: none defined
Component: Construction Type: Wood Material: none defined
Component: Door Type: Single Material: Wood
Component: Façade Type: Asymmetrical Material: none defined
Component: Plan Type: Rectangular Material: none defined
Component: Porch Type: Partial width; Recessed; Wall, low (Porch Rail); Columns (Porch Supports); Wood (Porch Rail) Material: Wood
Component: Roof Type: Gable, front; Eaves, open; Eaves, wide; Exposed rafters Material: Composition shingle
Component: Window Type: Double-hung; Bay, canted Material: Wood
Component: Window Type: Grouped; Fixed Material: Wood
Component: Window Type: Single; Double-hung Material: Wood
Component: Window Type: Casement; Paired Material: Wood

Narrative Description

No description available
Door (primary) replaced
Roofline altered
Some cladding may have been replaced.

Resource Significance

Evaluation Details

Date Evaluated
Public and Private Institutional Development, 1850-1980
Religion and Spirituality, 1850-1980
Religion and Spirituality and Ethnic/Cultural Associations, 1850-1980
Institutional - Religion/Spirituality
Religious Building
Eligibility Standards
  • May represent a significant event or movement in the social history of Los Angeles
  • May reflect the changing demographics of a Los Angeles neighborhood
  • Retains most of the essential physical features from the period of significance
  • Represents an important association with an ethnic/cultural group or groups in Los Angeles
  • May be important for its association with numerous historic personages for the cumulative importance of those individuals to the community
  • Integrity Aspects
    Retains sufficient integrity to convey significance
    California Historic Resources Status Codes (explanation of codes)
    Significance Statement
    Significant for its association with the establishment of the Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival church (also known as the Apostolic Faith Mission), and as the birthplace of the modern Pentecostal movement in North America. In 1906, the residence was owned by John and Ruth Asberry and served as the original meeting place for what would become the Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival. When African-American preacher William Seymour was barred from preaching at a local church, he began participating in the services at this residence. Word spread about these services, and the number of attendees grew until they needed more space for worship; at that point the congregation moved to a former African Methodist Church at 312 Azusa Street. The Azusa Street Revival became the largest congregation in the City at that time, with over 1,000 in attendance during services. Members of the Azusa Street Revival were a diverse group of worshippers; membership has grown to over 500 million followers. William Seymour took great strides against racism, traveling across the United States to spread his message. Seymour is considered the founder of modern Pentecostalism, preaching until his death in 1922. Due to alterations, including alterations to the roofline, the property does not retain sufficient integrity to be eligible for listing in the National Register. It is unknown when the Pentecostal congregation left this property; more research is needed to determine the period of significance.
    Periods of Significance
    From: 1896-01-01

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    SurveyLA ID: 54db18f8-97f6-44e3-a90b-8b8c3e885d22
    Property Identification Number: 136-5A207 306
    House ID: 667117

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