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Known mostly for his expressionistic residential designs, John Lautner has been called one of the 20th century's important American architects. Upon graduating from college, Lautner became an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright for six years, joining the first group of Taliesin Fellows. In 1937 he supervised the construction of two of Wright's projects, and two years later established his own practice in Los Angeles. His first solo project was a house for his own family, which architectural critic Henry-Russell Hitchcock called ""the best house by an architect under 30 in the United States."" Later Hitchcock remarked that ""Lautner's work could stand comparison with that of his master."" Among his best-known works are the Malin House, known as the Chemosphere (1960), and the Reiner Residence, known as Silvertop (1963), both in Los Angeles. At the time of his death in 1994, the 83-year-old Lautner was still working on several large projects.

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