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College Estates Courtyard Apartment Historic District (Primary)
College Estates (Alternative)
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Post World War II
Traditional Ranch

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North Hollywood - Valley Village Community Plan Area (Community Plan Area)
Los Angeles City Council District 2 (Council District)


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Located in the Valley Glen area of the San Fernando Valley, the College Estates Courtyard Apartment Historic District comprises seven 1950s multi-family residential buildings located at 5846 to 5914 Coldwater Canyon Blvd. The historic district is on the east side of Coldwater Canyon Blvd, bounded by Tiara Street on the north and a parcel line in the block before Hatteras Street on the south. There are 7 buildings within the historic district boundaries; of these, 100% are contributors to the historic district. The historic district fits into the regular street grid, situated on the flat valley floor. Its buildings, constructed in 1953, are two-story courtyard apartments in the Traditional Ranch style. They are arranged as three sets of paired buildings with landscaped common courtyards, and one unpaired building that does not have a common courtyard but exhibits the same form and style as its neighbors. All of the properties are set back from the sidewalk with very shallow front lawns. Detached garages are present at the rear, accessed by alleys to the north and east. The buildings are generally L-shaped and two stories in height; one pair has a one-story portion in front with a prominent brick chimney. This pair also has a wooden front fence, while the other pairs are open. Common features of the Ranch-style buildings include brick and stucco cladding on the first story with board and batten or clapboard on the second story; low-pitched hipped and gable-on-hip roofs with exposed rafters; metal casement windows abutting fixed windows; some double-hung wooden windows; and decorative brackets, corbels, and shutters.

Summary of Significance
The College Estates Courtyard Apartment Historic District is an excellent example of a multi-family residential area developed in the early 1950s to provide housing for the growing population of Valley Glen in North Hollywood. Its Traditional Ranch courtyard apartment buildings are excellent examples of a distinctive type of development and are representative of the larger patterns of automobile-centered suburban development in the San Fernando Valley in the 1950s. The historic district illustrates the growth of multi-family housing in Valley residential areas in the 1950s. The historic district's period of significance is 1953, corresponding with the date of its development. Of the seven buildings within the historic district boundary, all (100%) contribute to the historic district. The two unnamed tracts in which the historic district is located were subdivided by owners Seldon Baker and Julian Weinstock in 1952, and appear to have been part of Weinstock's College Estates subdivision (likely named for nearby Valley Community College). The owners were builder-developers partnered as the Magnolia Clark Land Company. Working separately, each constructed thousands of homes in residential subdivisions in the San Fernando Valley. Weinstock, who was originally an architect before becoming a developer, was particularly well known for his Ranch house subdivisions. The courtyard apartment buildings were likely developed as part of College Estates as they share ownership, style, and a period of construction with the single-family sections of the development. Weinstock's company heavily marketed College Estates in 1952-1953, touting the innovative designs and convenient location of the 78 single-family Ranch houses within the development. Exemplifying the development pattern of Ranch house subdivisions, multi-family apartment buildings were constructed along the major streets at the periphery of the single family development. The single family sections of the College Estates subdivision do not retain integrity and were not included in the historic district boundary. The historic district retains the essential characteristics of 1950s courtyard apartments, with central common areas, exterior access to units, and parking restricted to the rear of buildings. Alterations are limited to window replacements. College Estates Courtyard Apartment Historic District faces a major thoroughfare with easy access to other major routes, historically giving its residents easy automobile access to larger transportation networks. The historic district is an excellent example of an early 1950s Ranch-style courtyard apartment historic district and evokes the time and place of its period of significance.

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Date Evaluated
Residential Development and Suburbanization, 1850-1980
Multi-Family Residential Development, 1910-1980
Multi-Family Residential, 1910-1980
Courtyard Apartments, 1910-1980
1950s-1960s Courtyard Apartment
Eligibility Standards
  • Security bars may have been added
  • Typically two stories in height; may be three stories
  • Was constructed during the period of significance
  • Is an excellent example of the type
  • Is two or three stories in height
  • May have interior or exterior access corridors
  • Associated architectural styles: Mid-Century Modern, Traditional Ranch, Tiki/Polynesian
  • Replacement of some windows may be acceptable if the openings have not been changed or resized
  • Should retain integrity of Location, Design, Setting (must retain the relationship between the building and the common area), and Materials (some materials may have been altered/removed)
  • Detached garage(s) at the rear, or integrated carport along the side or rear
  • Building is oriented around a common area, a primary feature of the design (typically a landscaped courtyard, paved patio or swimming pool)
  • Retains most of the essential character-defining features from the period of significance
  • Original landscaping may have been altered or removed
  • Was originally constructed as a courtyard apartment
  • If it is a rare surviving example of its type, or is a rare example in the community in which it is located, a greater degree of alteration or fewer character-defining features may be acceptable
  • Central pool may have been filled in/paved over
  • Where this property type is situated within a grouping of multi-family residences, it may also be significant as a contributor to a Multi-Family Residential District. A grouping may be composed of a single property type or a variety of types
  • O-, U- or E-shaped plan on a double residential lot; may be composed of two L-shaped buildings occupying adjacent residential lots
  • Integrity Aspects
    Retains sufficient integrity to convey significance
    California Historic Resources Status Codes (explanation of codes)
    Significance Statement
    Exemplary concentration of 1950s courtyard apartments in Valley Glen. This cluster contains seven courtyard apartment buildings that are excellent examples of the property type and collectively form a distinctive grouping. Due to window alterations, may not retain sufficient integrity for National Register eligibility.
    Periods of Significance
    From: 1953-01-01

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